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NEW: Virtual Office

Maintaining a physical business premises is costly and time-consuming, so let us do it for you! We now offer a range of business services enabling you to use Samespace as your virtual business premises.




Use our address for your Business Registration, Director's Service and business correspondence.

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Your own 01434 number, forwards to your mobile, emails your voicemails to you as text

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Post scan

& forward

(Business Address members)

We scan your letters and email them to you.

£1 / page

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Meet your clients in our beautiful office space, with a private meeting room and excellent coffee!

£10 per hour

Business Address

Business Address

£12 per month

Get a Hexham address for your business. You can use us for your:

  • Registered Business Address

  • Director's Service Address

  • Business correspondence

Post Scan & Forward

Post scan & forward

  • We scan the outside of each letter and email it to you, free of charge.

  • If you then decide you want us to securely scan and email you the contents, it's £1 per page.

  • We can also receive your parcels and let you know, for £1 per parcel.

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Meeting Rooms
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Meeting rooms

£10 per hour / £120 per month

  • 'Zoom Room' for a single person on video calls, and a Meeting Room for up to four.

  • Superfast WiFi is included, and both rooms are soundproofed 🤫

  • For more regular use, it's only £120 per month for up to 16 hours.

  • Coworking customers: no charge for the room, we charge per person instead.

Telephone Number

Telephone Number

Add £12 per month

Get your own local (01434) number for your business.

  • Calls forwarded to your personal number seamlessly and privately

  • Voicemails automatically transcribed and emailed to you!

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Looking for something else?

Drop us a line for a chat about your virtual business needs. We can help with a wide range of business support services.

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