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You need to get out more

Samespace is a relaxed yet inspiring working environment. Get out of the house, get stuff done!

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It's great to have a physical address, phone number and somewhere to meet clients, but it can be costly!

So... let us take care of it for you, with our Virtual Office services

Your home-working from home.

Many organisations have permanently shifted to hybrid working. This suits some people, but many of us don't want to sacrifice part of our home, or spend all of our days within the same four walls.

Join Samespace to put a good walk between your work and home life! Secure, comfortable, work-friendly and with top-notch coffee and WiFi, all close to your home.

Home: About

What you can expect

We know what's important to you in your working day: comfort, security, connectivity. That's why we built Samespace, Hexham's first dedicated co-working facility. We aim to give you the perfect working environment, within minutes of your home!

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Open 8am to 6pm at your convenience

Our space is secured using the latest wireless technology. Nip out for a walk in the park, or visit Hexham's local shops whenever you like.


The best WiFi you can get in Hexham

Samespace has dedicated Gigabit fibre broadband. We guarantee you will get the Internet you need!


Hexham's best coffee, at the touch of a button

Our top-of-the-range bean-to-cup coffee machine makes your favourite barista-style coffee for half the price of any coffee shop.