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Private meeting rooms

Private, sound-proofed rooms for video calls or meetings

How it works

Working alongside fellow business people is great, but at times we need privacy for meetings or video calls. Our Meeting Room accommodates up to four people, and with its understated furniture and natural light, it's a lovely calm place to hold a meeting, interview or calls. Our Zoom Room is designed for you to make your video/audio calls in privacy, with great sound quality. We have installed state-of-the-art sound absorption on the walls and ceiling to give you a quiet space with no background noise or reverberation. NOTE: we don't charge for use of our rooms; they're available to be booked by Samespace members, so we charge for EACH PERSON attending - so if you have a meeting with two other people present, three day passes are needed. Even for four people at our casual rate, this is still cheaper than any other meeting room in Hexham!

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